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Wed, Mar 27, 2024 @ 9:17 pm
Epic Rides In 2024
Hi all!

There is a 300 km (~185 mi) ride on Sat, Apr 13 that starts/finishes in Morrisville, NC (ideal for Triangle cyclists).

This 300 km event is one of several ultra-endurance rides in 2024 in the Raleigh region (and there are others in the High Point and Asheville regions).

In addition to the Apr 13 300 km event, there are:

400 km - Apr 27
600 km - May 18

...as well as several 100 km(ish) events.

All rides are organized by Randonneurs USA (https://rusa.org). It is necessary to be a RUSA member to participate. Annual RUSA membership is $30.00, and there is a registration fee for each event, usually between $5.00 to $15.00 (aka, cheap). RUSA hosts a large number of routes and rides in every state, so membership opens access to A LOT of resources.

Here's a good introduction to this type of event from a UK counterpart: https://youtu.be/do0iQ7iustk?si=Ezx4ikslny0H9jUk

Feel free to email me at linosborne@duck.com for additional details.
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